KPZ 2-11-3 postal scale

KPZ 2-11-3 is perfect digital scale solution for postal, packaging, shipping, manufacturing or industrial requirements. It is designed to be the ultimate scale for home, office or small business. Whether you are weighing letters, parcels, envelopes, small boxes or even large boxes, this scale is designed to suit your needs perfectly.




KPZ 2-11-3 postal scale with control panel KPZ 51-16: plate painted steel (optional stainless steel pan), IP67 load cell. Control panel is connected to the plate weighing a cable length 1.20 m .Thanks to the newest technology weighing sensors may find versatile application where there is no obligation to legalization. Easy to clean plate, a little self-weight, very easy to use, the possibility of battery power, battery. Scale can be handled easily by everyone and in every place.

Indicator: KPZ 51-16: control panel (4 buttons) mounted in a rugged enclosure with keypad protected by a plastic film water and dust proof. One key to the ON / OFF (on. / Off.) = Switch gross weight / net, = TARA, Units = counting units by weight of the reference and zero = button (if panel will not want to go back to the position zero, then we can perform a zero adjustment control panel with the button). LCD control panel with a height of 25mm allows a good reading of the weighing results all over the place. Indicator is connected to the platform by cable  about 1.20 meter length so that you can weigh bulk items. Indicator is designed both to set the table and to hang on the wall. Safe and stable positioning on the table provide a rubber foot. Screws are supplied to a wall mounting with indicator.

Function: Tare (Tare multiple), possible dosage and packaging.

Options: background lighting, the possibility of battery power, or 4 batteries Mignon AA/UM-3.

Power supply: 230 V power supply, optional battery pack, batteries.


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