KPZ 39 Hydraulic weighing for Forklift

This new explosion-protected pallet truck is ATEX-compliant and can be used where explosive gas and dust mixtures appear. The ATEX certified four load cell weight detection guarantees the best accuracy in all work conditions.




 KPZ 39-1, Every fork truck can in principle be equipped with the weight indicator KPZ 39-1, an additional do it your selv assembling at every fork truck is easily possible. The weight indicator KPZ 39- 1 has extra been developed for the rugged fork truck operation in the hardest industry input.

 Principle :   The   KPZ 39 - 1 measures the pressure in the hydraulic system of the lift truck and translates this into an indication of the weight on the forks. Since the measuring system is not physically strained, there is no wear. For the capacity from 0 to 1500 kg and 0 to 6000 kg with the standard oil pressure of 150 to 600 Bar, the weighing system is allready pre adjusted according to the standard oil pressure of 150 to 600 Bar.

The final adjustment with approved weight is easy made. Option for oil pressure more then 600 Bar on request.

The installation is very easy.  A T-coupling is installed on the hydraulic lead, onto which the pressure sensor is mounted.  The KPZ  Sensor has a  ¼ “ - external thread for the Capacity from 1500 kg up to 6000 kg. Attention the T-coupling is not inc.  the  price. The  KPZ – Indicator model KPZ 52-19 shows the weight.

Power supply : 8x1,5V AA Battery build in the indicator housing. Battery autonomy ca. 100  hours.

Option : 12-28 Volt DC direct from the Forklift possible.

Option for Indicator : different types, also with stainlees housing like picture possible.

Indication: Quantity, lb, kg, setpoint,1,2,3, center zero, motion, Gross, Net, Low battery, 3rd units.

Warranty: 24 months on proper material and workmanship features, normal use appropriately.


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